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Unleash the Power of the Prophetic Blessing!


God wants to bless you AND use you to bless others – God wants to bless you and your family... In John Hagee’s enlightening book Born to Be Blessed, Pastor Hagee combines Scripture with practical teaching, making God’s promises personal to you. This resource includes more than 45 prophetic blessings to pray over your family.


For your gift of support:  TBN wants to bless you with Born to Be Blessed by John Hagee to help you release God’s promises into the lives of those you love.


For your gift of $140 or more:  In the Born to Be Blessed 8-CD companion series, Pastor Hagee takes a deeper look at the Beatitudes and shows you how biblical wisdom like “blessed are the merciful” and “blessed are the persecuted” can lead you to greater blessings in your life. We’ll also include the 18" by 24" Prophetic Family Blessing frameable art print to remind you of the blessings from Matthew 5 God promises to you and your loved ones.


Please use the form to submit your donation and we’ll send you these powerful resources with our sincere gratitude. Lives are changing on a daily basis because you are enabling people to receive the Gospel!


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